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You always dreamed of dressing your baby well.

Then you had a baby.

Remember that moment when you realized comfort needs to come first?

Ours was during an ugly diaper change fiasco.

We were done struggling with buttons.

Done yanking chubby thighs to get pants on and off and on again.

And especially done with heartbreaking elastic band marks on soft tummies.

We dreamed of the most practical of baby pants, in the most irresistible styles. And so we were inspired...

Inspired to redesign the classic drop crotch pant into something fresh. Something organic. And something easily available online. In lots of mouthwatering options.

Late one night, with a lot of coffee and our whole hearts, the three of us wrote down this manifesto.


The Mama…

is often tired. She’s obsessed with the feel of her baby’s clothes and singularly focused on the quality and value of her product. Because there’s no way she’s facing other moms with anything less than a beautiful piece of clothing.

The Auntie…

is a fashion designer and known to deliberate over 2 shades of white for days. She is often found in the backyard with Chloe (her toy poodle who has us all well trained), examining fabric swatches in different lights. She’ll scrap a design at the last second if it doesn’t feel ‘on point’.

The Dada…

is the king of logistics and just loves auntie’s last minute changes. He is motivated to build a business on the values of sustainability and fair trade. He has the patience for every painstaking detail, though it doesn’t always look like patience.

The Baby…

is dragged to every fitting and has worked relentlessly (and often late into the nights) to test fabric durability. His only hobby is to climb dangerous furniture.

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